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Phyllis Davis M.Ed., MS


My Journey…….

Phyllis Davis, the creator and founder of Weight Of Faith and Body Rock Fitness, is not a neophyte in the world of Fitness and Health Education. Her journey began in the early years of 1985 after attending aerobic classes at the Ohio State University. Taking educational classes in physical education at the University was the catalysts that led to her being a pioneer in the world of health and fitness.

Phyllis began her career as a professional cheerleader for the Cincinnati Slammers, a Continental Basketball Association League Team in 1987.

She began her dream of working in the field of Health Education and Exercise Management in 1988 by launching Body Rock Fitness, a fitness organization that combines health education and fitness into one entity by instructing fitness classes and conducting health education seminars and practical’s.

Phyllis’ passion for the health of others makes her a pioneer in the world of health and fitness, as she uses her own resources to volunteer and sponsor fitness classes to make a difference in the lives of others and the community. Phyllis has provided a plethora of fitness and health events for the community for many years.

A few of those events, to name a few included: teaching fitness classes at various community and recreation centers; lead instructor for the “World’s Largest Tae Bo Workout” on behalf of fitness guru Karl Brown; provided the aerobic Warm-Up for over 2000 walkers for the National Conference for Community and Justice’s “Walk as One,” that raised money for the National Underground Railroad project; was Chairperson for the Sports and Fitness Pavilion for the Midwest Regional Black Family Reunion that was inaugurated in 1989 in Cincinnati, Ohio that drew over 100,000 people.

Word about Phyllis’s fitness program and community involvement spread and earned her a nomination and the award for the Cincinnati Herald’s and Sesh Communications “Nefertiti Award”, for making a difference in the lives of others in 2001.

In 2007, Phyllis continued to be the expert in the field of exercise by being invited to conduct fitness demonstrations for the elite Speaking of Women’s Health organization and the City of Cincinnati’s Center for Closing the Health Gap, and a host of other companies.

In 2006, her concern for the high obesity rate led her to sponsor the first annual “Thanksgiving Work off The Turkey Fat,” fitness class. Phyllis was featured on Channel 9 and Channel 12, two local TV stations.

In 2005, Phyllis used her passion for fitness to sponsor a workout to raise money for the victims of the Tsunami. She also sponsored the fundraiser, “Work off the Turkey Fat,” to raise money for the Free Store Food Bank during Thanksgiving.

Fast Forward: Still on the Journey…….

Body Rock Fitness was hired to provide personal assistant for the Biggest Loser WLWT (Nationally Syndicated) Casting Call, held in Cincinnati, OH, May 11, 2013 at Planet Fitness, in Finneytown, OH.

Phyllis also taught group fitness classes at the University of Cincinnati in 2013 and was a Health Coach for TriHealth in years 2014-2016.

Phyllis continued to prosper in her work and was nominated in 2018 by her Pastor and awarded the prestigious Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Keep The Dream Alive” award.

Phyllis continuing to press on in the world of fitness, became so wonderfully overwhelmed with how GOD continued to bless her in helping people, she prayed for guidance from the Holy Spirit on how she could make a greater impact in the lives of those working hard to achieve good physical health.

Through that prayer and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Weight of Faith (WOF) came forth.

The power from that inspiration began to format a divine purpose and a drive to approach this mission spiritually and physically.

The mission of WOF is to help lift the physical “Weight,” due to the world’s consequential affects and to bring solutions that rest in your Faith of GOD.

Weight of Faith will help manage your physical fitness concerns.

Having Faith in JESUS will give you the roadmap and guidance in life.

A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, Phyllis is an avid Christian and has gained a host of knowledge in the field of Health and Fitness She is a certified Group Fitness Instruction, a certified Walking Instructor, has done Personal Training, was a Health Coach for TriHealth, an Ambassador for the American Heart Association and certified in CPR and First Aid by the American Red Cross.

Phyllis attended the Ohio State University in 1982, taking three years of classes in Physical Education. She then obtained a Bachelor's of Science degree in Liberal Arts at the University of Cincinnati in 1998, and completed a Master’s of Science (Criminal Justice) degree at Xavier University, in Cincinnati, Ohio in 2002, and received a Real Estate license in 2002. She then earned a Master's of Education degree in the field of Health Promotion and Exercise Management in 2009.